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The most important 399 words about cosmetics you will ever read!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Friends and family sometimes recommend or give us products.

We are in the business of making cosmetics, so we want to know what

they use and like.

One such product was a body oil with an organic-sounding name.

It claimed to contain a “breakthrough” oil ingredient.

But the supposedly “breakthrough” ingredient is nothing more

than a tradename applied to mineral oil with a few drops of other oils.

Mineral oil is an inexpensive petroleum-based product that tends to

block the skin’s pores.

Worse yet, mineral oil was not listed as an ingredient on the

bottle. In fact, there was no list of ingredients on the container.

Yet this product is sold by major retailers, including a leading

cosmetics chain store. The price is nearly $3.50 per ounce; pure mineral

oil sells for only about 20 cents per ounce. There is only one reason

people would buy this product: They have been misled.

Another product given to us was a balm. There was only one

active ingredient listed on the container: phenol.

Phenol is another petroleum product. It is an acid normally used

in plastics manufacturing.

Phenol is banned for use in cosmetics in Europe and Canada

because of safety concerns! But it’s legal to use it in the US because our

regulations are not as strict. Would you choose a product with an

ingredient banned in Europe when there are safe alternatives?

These are not isolated cases. Cosmetics shelves in stores are full

of products that list “fragrance” as an ingredient.


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