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- Your Stories -

Just want to say your products are great.  For years I have suffered with cracked skin on my hands but since trying your cream I am amazed.  Bye bye rough skin.  Hello softness.

 -Hope C.

I used it [ultra rich face cream] on my hands and neck. Loved how thick and luxurious it felt. I would prefer a more flowery scent, but that’s just me. It absolutely hydrated my skin very well, my hands tend to get very dry.  

 -Katherine H.

     ***** From Deborah at Lueur Naturelle:  Hi Katherine, we love suggestions from our customers about new products or scents they want us to add to our offerings.  We are pleased to tell you that both the Ultra-Rich Cream and the Silky Smooth Lotion now come in a floral scent.  Thank you for support and suggestions!


The face cream is wonderful. I have dry skin, but it’s also sensitive. The cream is soothing and leaves my skin with a dewy feel. My face feels moist, cool, refreshed and very soft to the touch. I love the cream!

 -Cathy G.

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