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Bliss Lip Conditioner All-Natural 100% Organic

Bliss Lip Conditioner All-Natural 100% Organic


Condition, soften and protect your lips with our sumptuous and soothing Bliss Lip Conditioner.  As always, the ingredients are 100% organic and natural.  So mositurize and pamper your lips.



Sweet almond oil containes both Vitamins A and E and easily penetrates your skin.  Coconut oil moistens and protects your sensitive lips.  Also, enjoy the slight taste of natural orange from the Sweet Orange Essential Oil.  Along with the Vitamin E it provides protective anti-oxidents and anti-inflammatories to normalize your skin.   

  • Directions

    Use clean hands to apply the lip balm to your lips to avoid contamination of the product.  Apply enough balm to thoroughly coat your lips.  To get the full benefit of the ingredients, allow a few minutes for the balm to be absorbed by your lips before eating or drinking.

  • Ingredients:

    Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, sweet orange essential oil, glycerin

  • About our ingredients:

    All our products are 100% natural and organic. The have no laboratory chemicals or alcohol. Alcohol can dry out the skin by stripping natural oils. All products are 100% free of dyes. The only color you see is from the natural colors of our ingredients. The only fragrances we use are natural to our ingredients. 

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